Help Protect you Clients Equity

Dated: February 12 2021

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Agents: Help Protect Your Clients' Equity

It has been discussed several times that home mortgage delinquency/default rates are rising. This results in homeowners having extra fees, attorney costs and penalties which consumes equity and sometimes results in very damaged credit or even foreclosures.


We suggest that you reach out to assist your sphere of influence with good advice and counsel on the subject, which could be a delicate and personal matter.


Beneath is a sample email to use as a start in this effort. Feel free to distribute (or not) as you see fit in your efforts to save some of your contacts from the effects mentioned above.



I sincerely hope this letter finds you well and healthy. It’s been a while since we have spoken but I wanted to write to everyone I know to talk about something that is happening throughout our area and across America.


It’s not an easy topic to talk about, but here it is:

Most American families have the vast majority of their net worth held in the investments they made to own their own home – in other words their home equity.


For many however, the pandemic’s far reaching effect on our economy, and in particular job losses, are putting that net worth at risk. The mortgage delinquency/default rate in our region and across the country is climbing. Through no fault of their own, a fast rising number of homeowners are in jeopardy of losing their equity and their homes. During past economic downturns too many homeowners waited too long to act. This allowed late penalties, lender attorney’s fees and increased interest rate charges to eat up their hard earned equity.


I want to help by providing good advice and counsel. The housing market is very short of inventory at the present time and in some cases, I can help bring the property to market, get it sold at a premium and help avoid credit and equity damaging processes.


This is a challenging time for many. Please know my intention is to use the knowledge and skills I have developed in my real estate business to help. Through early action and good market advice we can have people into the strongest possible position. If you or anyone you know are encountering this situation, please know I can help.



(United Agent Name)

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